Cookie Policy

Like many other websites, ours also uses “cookies”.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small files that help you to improve searching and/or browsing on the website. During browsing, the browser used (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) actually archives small text files, known as cookies, that may contain information relating to you, such as preferences, tastes and interests.
What types of cookies are there and what types of cookies are generated by browsing on our website?
There are mainly two types of cookies:
• Transitory (or session), which maintain information for the time necessary for web browsing and which are erased when the browser is closed or the computer is turned off;
• Persistent, which memorise and maintain information on the computer until the cookie itself is deleted and which enable the automatic recovery of information previously entered.
Browsing on the website may generate various types of cookies:
• Anonymous analysis cookies;
• Website performance cookies;
• Third party cookies;
The website uses data collected with cookies to offer you the best possible browsing experience (“Website Performance Cookies”).
The cookies generated by browsing are used exclusively for statistical purposes (“Anonymous Analysis Cookies”); in fact, they do not enable the identification of particular individuals.
On some pages of the website, third parties may set their anonymous cookies (“Third Party Cookies”), with the aim of tracking the functioning of their application, or customising the latter, modulating it to your tastes and preferences.
To analyse use of the website by you, we use Google Analytics; this is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). These cookies collect anonymous information on the activity of website users. For further information, please consult Google’s privacy policy available at the address:
Our website does not use profiling or advertising cookies.
These are cookies required to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by you on the Website pages.
How are cookies deactivated?
You can at any time deactivate and/or block cookies present on the browser or originating from this website by activating the option for the cookies removal procedure on the browser or device used. Having deactivated and/or blocked the transmission of cookies, website browsing will occur normally, although the pages may be slow to load.
For any other information on the methods of managing and deactivating cookies, depending on the browser used, click on the following links:

Google Chrome;
Mozilla Firefox;
Apple Safari;
Microsoft Windows Explorer.

For information and to find out how to manage third party services cookies:

• Google Ads: Setting for Google Ads
• Google Analytics: Additional browser component for deactivating Google Analytics
• Facebook: Cookies, pixels and similar technologies
• Twitter: Use of cookies and other similar technologies by Twitter

How can I control the installation of cookies?
Subject to what is indicated above in relation to cookies that are strictly necessary for browsing, you can remove other cookies via the functions provided by the Controller in this cookie policy or directly on your browser. You can also delete cookies installed in the past through your browser preferences, including Cookies in which any consent to the installation of Cookies by this website has been saved. Each browser has different procedures for managing settings.
Other indications
For services provided by third parties, you can also exercise your right to object to tracking, by obtaining information through the third party’s privacy policy, via the opt-out link if explicitly provided or by contacting the same directly. Subject to the foregoing, the Controller hereby informs you that you can use the Your Online Choices. Using that service, you can manage the tracking preferences of the majority of advertising tools. The Controller, therefore, advises you to use that resource in addition to the information provided in this document.
Given that the installation of Cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties cannot be technically controlled by the Controller, any specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties must be considered indicative. To obtain complete information, consult the privacy policy of any third party services listed in this document. Given the objective complexity linked to identifying technologies based upon Cookies and their very close integration with the web functioning, you are invited to contact the Controller if you wish to receive further information on the use of those Cookies and any utilisation of the same – for example by third parties – on this Website.
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